Green energy: Fulfilling demands whilst balancing the scale of present and future gens!


Green energy is a type of renewable energy that is used at irrelevant rates and is fabricated with the aid of environmental factors. It is a very useful aspect because apart from satisfying the needs of the current generation it does not ignores the requirements of the future generations. Green energy is renewable in nature and includes the following: solar energy, wave power, hydroelectricity, tidal power, geothermal energy and bioenergy. They hardly impose any negative impact on the environment and can be replenished. They are far better than fossil fuels that are the limited source of energy and take millions of years to be formed and deplete with every use. They also pose a negative impact on the environment.

The varieties of Green Energy:

In this particular arena, you will be directed towards the type of green energy. Continue reading ahead to know more about it:

  • Solar energy: It is the most famous form of renewable source of energy. It is known to all and is a great source of electricity. It is produced with the aid of photovoltaic cells. It imprisons the sunlight and turns it into electricity. Apart from this, it is also employed for the purpose of heating water and buildings, rendering natural light and assists in the cooking of food. It must be kept within the realm of inner eye that solar technology is a very economical thing and can supply power from tiny gadgets to the entire neighbourhood.
  • Hydropower: It is also termed as hydroelectric power and is generated from the water cycle of the earth that includes: evaporation, force of water, tides and rainfall. It rests on the quality rainfall level in order to render good amount of energy.
  • Biomass: Natural things such as: burnable agricultural waste, wood waste and sawdust can be easily turned into energy with the less amount of greenhouse gas. They are known as biomass and encompass stored energy that is received from the sun.
  • Biofuels: Instead of flaming biomass to produce energy, at times the renewable organic pieces are converted. Examples include: ethanol and biodiesel. Biofules holds the potential to catch up with the 25% of the world’s demand for vehicular fuels by the year 2050.
  • Geothermal energy: A good amount of thermal energy can be found beneath the earth’s crust. Geothermal energy can be obtained in the form of hot springs is used for the purpose of bathing and is also used for the purpose of generating electricity.
  • Wind Power: The air that flows on the surface of the earth proves useful in pushing the turbines and this produces a good amount of energy. The areas situated on the high –altitudes.

Green energy is the finest form energy and is not going to pass on any harm to the environment. It benefits the current generation, without compromising with the need of the future human beings who are yet to be born. It is important to note that if one has to save the environment, green energy is the finest alternative.



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