Guide to explore Green energy sources


In the recent times, green energy has explored to high levels and the scope of this form of energy has also reached gigantic proportions. What this green energy is and why this hullabaloo? This needs to be looked into as scientists call green energy to be something on which our future depends. So have a look on this guide meant for exploring green energy from varied aspects.

What is green energy?

Also known as renewable energy, this is derived from the natural sources which are as follows:

  • Wind
  • Sunlight
  • Rain
  • Plants
  • Algae
  • Tides
  • Geothermal heat

All of these energy sources are renewable and are filled back by nature.

Talking about the conventional form of energy, that is, non-renewable energy, it is the fossil fuels which cannot be replenished and take millions of years to convert into the form of fuel.

From non-renewable to renewable energy – why this shift?

For the following reasons, there is this sudden shift of energy resources:

  • Renewable sources of energy are never perished and have least kind of side effects. But the fuel derived from non-renewable sources is equipped with pollutants and which has resulted in greenhouse gases which have harmed the environment in a massive way.
  • Besides that, deriving fuel is a result on mining of the sensitive locations which is very dangerous for ecosystem
  • Green energy can be derived easily and requires less cost and has a wide reach, like for the local and rural areas of the world
  • Major chunk of population can produce green energy through diy tools like solar panels which involve less investment and are very economical too

Major innovation in the recent times

Present age has seen the upsurge of green energy innovations which have made the energy very reachable even in the remotest of the areas. Check out the major inventions in the resent times in the field of green energy:

  • Tidal turbines have been gaining rave review for the ease with which they produce energy. It is through the massive wave movement that energy come into being and can be transported to the remote areas.
  • Lithium air batteries which are going to define the future of automobile sector and this have become evident in the recent times with their application and usage in the electric cars. Though in the recent stage of development, these lithium-oxygen fuel cells face some problems like that of short circuiting and battery power, but scientist have successfully capture the loss of battery power problem so scope of this form of fuel looks bright.
  • Fuel cell release heat and water and are a great alternative to fossil fuel, in the coming times, being a clean alternative, the scope of this innovation is wide.

Even the international agencies have been advocating the use of green energy and massive amount of fund is going into the usage of these. So watch out for the development in this field which can provide you better insight into the advancements in green energy field.


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