The Advantages and Drawbacks of Home Solar Panels


More and more people in urban and rural cities are now turning towards solar energy to fuel their electricity needs and hence the solar energy is becoming the emerging player today in most of societies and communities across the world. The solar energy is becoming very popular amongst the masses owing to its environmentally friendliness, durability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Below you will come across with some of the benefits and drawbacks of installing Home Solar Panels to fuel your home electricity needs.

The Benefits of Home Solar Panels Systems

  • Reliable – Solar energy never runs out like fossil fuels. In general words, the energy that is generated from the sunlight can’t get exhausted and hence you will always have unlimited solar energy at your dispersal. This is the biggest advantage associated with the solar energy. So, installing the Home Solar Panels is always beneficial as you can rest assured that you will always have sufficient energy and electricity at your dispersal.
  • Affordability – Installing Home Solar Panels at your home is always economical option as once after installation, you practically pay nothing for consuming the electricity. The only cost involved is the cost which is incurred at the time of installation. The energy generated is free and hence you are free from the monthly electricity bills.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Today when the entire world is fighting for the environmental hazards, using the Home Solar Panels can prove to be very robust weapon in this battle from your side. Solar energy generated from the panels is eco friendly and it never consumes any depleting fossil fuels from the earth. Trees are no longer required to be chopped for solar panel systems and hence it is like a boon.

Drawbacks of Installing Home Solar Panels

  • Dependency on Sun – Since the solar panels need sunlight and heat from the sun to shine brightly, if you install the panels at places where there is less sunlight then operations of the panels will become difficult. In northern hemisphere, the sunlight is less for a stretch of 6 months and hence installing the Home Solar Panels in such regions is not a worthy choice. People may also face issues during monsoon when the sunlight is less in many regions. The panels use the sunlight and heat from the sun to generate electricity.
  • The Charges of Installation – It is very expensive to install the Home Solar Panels. The initial cost of installation of these solar panels at home is very high and this is the major reason that prevents many folks from installing the solar panels at their home. But, there are no other costs of maintenance of these solar panels and the only cost that you need to incur is the installation cost and get free from the monthly electricity payments.

So, these are the only benefits and disadvantages that are associated with Home Solar Panels. Despite these drawbacks, the solar panels for home are considered to be the best and great source of energy which is reliable and eco friendly.


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