The Types and Sources of Green Energy


The energy or form of electricity which is originated from the process which impose less impact on the environment compared to other energy sources are referred as Green Energy. The fossil fuels are the most common form of such energy which produces electricity without harming the environment we live in today.

Types of Green Energy

In fact, there are very minimal numbers of Green Energy types including the wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal and hydroelectric. Let us understand each of these types close.

  • Solar Energy – This is the form of Green Energy which is actually harnessed by humans since ages. In this type of energy the radiant light and heat from sunlight is used to produce electricity. It is also in use today especially in small islands where there is no probability of electricity.
  • Wind – This is the type of energy which is produced by converting the wind energy into useful energy. This form of energy is widely used to sustain the energy in cities. It uses wind turbines that produce electricity, wind mills for mechanical energy and wind pumps for pumping water or sails to propel ships or drainage.
  • Geothermal – The root word “Geo” means earth and “thermos” means the heat in thermal energy which is stored in earth. It is basically a type of energy source which recognize the temperature of any matter. The original formation of planet is the origination place of geothermal of the earth which comes from radioactivity decay of the minerals, activity of volcano and also from the solar power which is absorbed at the surface of the earth.
  • Nuclear – This type of Green Energy is mainly produced with the use of uncontrolled non-expensive nuclear reactions. This form of energy is widely used in utility and commercial plants by heating water to produce steam which can generate electricity.
  • Hydroelectricity – The power or energy generated with hydropower is referred as hydroelectricity. In the process the energy is generated by using the gravitational force of falling water. This is the most common form of Green Energy.

The prime purpose of using Green Energy is to create renewable electricity and to reduce the pollution that is produced by a by-product. This type of sustainable energy is known to contribute less negative impact on the environment.

The Other Sources of Green Energy!

Besides, solar, hydro, nuclear, wind and geothermal, there are also other sources of Green Energy building which is designed in a way which can stay cool at daytime to conserve electricity. This type of building and architecture design allows you to have fine temperature at day time and heated at night due to its unique architectural design. You don’t need to have heating system and air conditioning system at such building. The preservation of the energy through architectural design can itself become the great source of green energy.

Communities and small towns and villages can install solar panels for collecting energy which can be used to generate energy. So, these are other sources of Green Energy that are worth considering.


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