What are the diy solar panels and how can you make your own!


To convert light into electricity, solar panels are used which are also known as photovoltaic cells which implies, converting light into electricity. These are basically the active solar devices which convert the energy trapped to be used as electricity. These solar cells are available in different shapes but are basically variants of rectangular form and can be constructed as diy solar panels.

Different solar cells are installed together to produce electricity which is useful and money-saving form of energy. To gain energy from these diy solar panels, they are converted into array with solar cell as a basic unit. The basic solar cell is converted into module, then into a panel and finally takes the form of array which is bigger and equipped with energy that can fulfill the energy requirement.

How to make diy solar panels?

Eco-friendly solar panels can be made easily on your own to get access to the cheap form of electricity. Though diy solar panels are not that effective but still these panels manage to fulfill the energy needs of your house. These solar panels serve as a great alternative to the expensive form of electricity and can be made by following the steps below:

  • You need the equipments which include solar cells of major power capacity say, 194 watts, soldering iron, solder paste, flux, saw, wooden board, protective glasses, pencil, ruler, multimeter
  • Buy the solar cells and wire these together serially in a circuit
  • Arrange the cells on the rectangular wooden panel
  • After arranging the solar cells on the plank, solder the wires to solar cells
  • The cells that you have placed on the board need to be stick to the board
  • Link together the cells in series and positive lead is soldered to negative pole of the next solar cells. This is the basic rule and you have to follow this in order to avail better form of electricity management.
  • Drill the holes in the board for the wires
  • Connect together the positive and the negative leads
  • Connect the thick wires in parallel, means, same poles together which is done to increase the flow of current

Solar panel system is now built and becomes functional when the charge flows across it faultlessly.

After you have made the panel, you need to measure the voltage and afterwards, check for short-circuit amperage.

When solar panels are done with, you can connect that equipment for power which runs on DC for instance, connect the battery of your car. After you are done with making the solar frame, you need to connect it with battery and inverter.

How to install solar panels?

Connecting the solar panels is easier and you just need to run the cable attached to solar array with underground conduit. Making the solar panels is easier and you can make these panels right there at your home. The power supply which you get is adequate and majority of equipment in your house can get powered without any problem through these diy solar panels.



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