Why you need install home solar panels?


It`s not a hidden fact that the rates of electricity charges in India, or, in fact all over the world are increasing at an alarming rate. With the population boom, the demand of electricity in every nook and corner of the country is rising. In a country like India, where a big chunk of rural population lives in darkness, the government tries its best to render them with the best possible electricity. But, unfortunately, this cannot be achieved over night since there aren’t enough resources to supply electricity to deep interiors of the country with minimalistic resources. In such conditions, the best alternative is of home solar panels. Solar energy can be effectively utilized in enlightening the rural place. In fact, the urban population too is now more eager to switch over to solar lightening system to cut down on their bills.

Government encouraging home solar panels

The ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE), under the Government of India is promoting and encouraging people to install home solar panels for production of electricity using solar energy.  It is promoting this initiative via the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission presently in the country. When more and more people would step forward for this initiative, ultimately the government would be able to lessen its burden and give electricity to the heavily deprived villages and interiors of the country.  The government gives subsidy to the people who buy the Indian made solar panels and install in their homes.

What all you need to know before installation?

  • As per reports, the cost of a solar pv module can cost between 30-50 INR per watt of the power generated by the panel. This however, isn’t the exact confirmed price and it is based on the online research.
  • Also, the modules of solar pv which produce higher watt powered capacity are comparatively cheaper than the solar pv modules that generate lower watt power capacity. Moreover, in term of efficiency the solar panels producing higher watt per panels are much higher than solar panels of lesser watt power.
  • In terms of overall price, there isn’t any much difference between the Indian made solar panels and the imported ones. But if you are to avail the subsidy, then you will have to purchase the Indian solar panels only
  • If you live in an area where the power cuts are uncommon and your intention is to just reduce your electricity bills, then to install the Grid Connected Solar PV system is perhaps, the best option. It would cost round 60,000-90,000 per kwp (here the cost of the solar panel would depend upon the inverter type and the panels you are choosing.
  • Similarly, if your area is plagued by frequent power cuts, then in such case, the best solution to go for is the “OFF Grid” Solar PV system.  The off grid solar panel system includes heavy batteries which are the most important and expensive part of the solar panel system. These batteries are also required to be replaced after every 4-7 years. An Off Grid solar panel system would variably cost you around 1-1.25 lakhs.



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