Purpose Driven Commerce

Purpose Driven Commerce

It has been increasingly popular to talk about purpose driven commerce the last couple of years. More and more start-ups are driven by certain values that are the whole foundation of their business idea. They have ethical considerations as their core, and they are aiming for a better future for all of us. More and more consultancy firms are specialized in supporting companies to start and run their business in this direction.

Purpose Driven Commerce = Good products

A new generation of parents want to buy organic and non-toxic products for their sensitive babies. The demand is increasing every month. The same generation also wants to buy products for themselves to feel comfortable and safe. The main goal is a better future for their children because all of them have become aware of the threats that may make the future a worse place to grow up.

Many companies have heeded the call and started to produce products in an eco-friendly and ethical manner. Since the millennium shift we have seen companies founded every year specialized on baby products. The market has opened a new segment and it is growing.

If you haven’t invested in purpose driven commerce or purpose driven producers it might be the right time now. Purpose driven e-commerce companies like Frida & Fritiof are specialized in a full assortment of baby products that come from designers and producers that in turn are equally committed.

Purpose Driven Commerce
Dentist set from Plantoys, an example of purpose driven commerce

For example, they sell products from Plantoys and Mini Rodini. Plantoys is a brand that has been around since 1981. Today they are world leading when it comes to certified wooden toys. Mini Rodini is a Swedish baby and kid fashion brand that was founded 2006 and is now one of the largest in the world. They produce certified clothes that are mainly organic and non-toxic. Celebrities are more than willing to show their babies with Mini Rodini clothes on photos all over social media.

Movement for many years

This is not a short trend. The movement has been around for several years and it is constantly growing. Instagram accounts are focusing on certain ethical brands and their followers are increasing in number. Facebook groups are founded to share their common interest in these brands and to sell second hand high quality clothes to each other.

The purpose driven commerce companies don’t sell lots of cheap products in low quality, but expensive high quality products of a somewhat lesser amount. Together with the fact that more and more people are willing to buy more expensive items is reason enough to justify investing. Look it up.